$16.00/month -- 1 can (roadside pickup)

$26.00/month -- 1 can (back door pickup)

$32.00/month -- 2 cans (roadside pickup)

$42.00/month -- 2 cans (back door pickup)​​

These are our starting rates. Prices may be slightly different based on your location, trash volume, etc.​

We do not charge any account setup fees or can delivery fees. The price above is the price you pay to start service!

*Our commercial rates are comparable but vary slightly based on the location of your property and where the trash will be located/retrieved from.

Our Services

​​​​M.A. Davis Sanitation

Our Starting Rates

Weekly Trash Collection

  • Base rate includes the pickup of what fits inside one 96-gallon trash can each week (roughly 6 kithen-sized bags)
  • Option to use your own personal trash can(s) if preferred
  • Includes the pickup of regular household garbage only​
  • Servicing both residential + commercial properties

We do not offer dumpster delivery, yard waste removal, or junk removal at this time. Our services primarily include weekly household trash collection.