• All trash bags must be tied completely with no loose trash in the can.
  • Trash MUST be out by 6:00 AM on your weekly pickup day. If your trash is missed because you failed to put it outside in time, you will need to wait until the following pickup day.
  • We pick up cardboard as long as it is completely broken down and not in excess.

  • We pick up on all holidays EXCEPT Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, the landfill is closed on national holidays and we can only pick up until our trucks are full (ex. July 4th, New Year's Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.) If your pickup day falls on one of these national holidays, we will pick up all trash within 2 days after the holiday. We ask that you still put your trash out on your normal day regardless.
  • Please do not allow anyone else to put their trash in your can. If the driver suspects a constant misuse of our can in this way, you may be notified of an increase in monthly rate or have service immediately canceled if it is ignored/continues.
  • Our basic monthly rate includes the pick up of one can of trash per week. This is the equivalent of approximately 6 kitchen-sized bags. If a residence continually has excessive amounts, they will be notified of an increase in the monthly rate, given an option for an extra can, or have service immediately canceled if it continues.
  • If there happens to be a particular week where you have more garbage than normal (cleaning out a room, moving, had a party at your home, etc.), contact our office to let us know. We just charge $5.00 for one week of extra pickup (or more depending on the amount). If this becomes a weekly occurrence, you will need to pay for an additional can.
  • ​PLEASE BE ADVISED: We are unable to pick up yard debris (leaves, grass clippings, branches, etc), oil, paint, and other toxic materials. Please do not put these items in bags in your can. You will be held liable if our drivers unknowingly put these items into our trucks as we run the risk of being ticketed and heavily fined.​
  • We DO NOT pick up furniture, appliances, etc. during your weekly pickup -- household garbage only.

Billing Info:

​​​​Quarterly invoices are sent 30 days before each due date. If your payment is not received online or in our post office box by the due date, service will be interrupted and a $10.00 late fee will be applied to your account. Service will be temporarily disconnected after the due date until your payment is made. If no contact or payment is made within one month of the due date, our trash can will be repossessed (if you are currently renting one from us). Following this, a $25.00 reconnect fee is required once service is discontinued to restart service.

Payment methods:

Mail: cash, check, money order

Mailing address: P.O. Box 482 Pelzer, SC 29669

Online: debit/credit, bank transfer​, Apply Pay

​​​​If you call our office and are rude to our staff, your service will be cancelled effective immediately with no refund. We understand if you have an issue needing to be resolved, but if you are unable to be respectful on a phone call without berating our staff, we will simply not tolerate that behavior.



Important Service Information:

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